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We value our patients' experience at Evans Family Chiropractic.
  Dr. Erik Evans D.C.


“Found Dr. Evans on accident...Thankfully I did. Due to the way I sleep and years of laziness and poor diet, I lost 80-85% of the function in my right arm. I am right handed and a graphic designer so my right hand is crucial for any PC play. After thinking I was having/had a stroke and Mini Cassia Regional telling me I had ALS or MS and to get an MRI to confirm, I called a massage therapist first. She came over and got me to 35-40% usage and told me to see a chiropractor.

I search Google and found Dr. Evans. Of course, I was a skeptic but I went.
First Lindsey...She did my intake and didn't judge me because of chicken scratch. She is pure AWESOME. So much to say but she is wonderful.
Second: Dr. Evans, first visit got me to 60-65%%. As in immediately afterwards the therapy and initial adjustment
ProAdjustor? I thought it was a gimmick but no....its legit. 2 sessions within two weeks and I am at 95%. Dr Evans put me through the therapy first, made some tweaks on the table, then used the ProAdjustor. He explained everything and how the system works. It works.


Amazing!!!!! I have had extreme back pain since July 3rd 2021 and have not had any positive results until I came here. My wife had to literally hold me up while I inched into his office doors. Instantly took my information and I was seen 10 minutes later and I'm leaving now walking slowly but I'm walking on my own! Dr Evans you're amazing and I will see you tomorrow!”


“I am 23 years old. Had lower back pain from a weekend of throwing hay bales. LITTERALLY FIXED MY BACK. He knew exactly what was going on! I am writing this review 2 hours later and I am not joking my friend, my back feels like I just came out the womb !
Definitely will come back next time I need some work. Thanks!”


“I came in with my mother because of a neck and shoulder pain, evans worked on me I got up and walked around like a dream the pain was all gone and I could turn my neck all the way and pick stuff up with out the pain. This guy is the best I would 10/10 recommend for any one who needs chiropractic work or thinks they do awesome and amazing the staff is also super welcoming and so it Dr. Evans.”


“Went to Evans Family Chiropractic just the other day for an adjustment. They were able to schedule me in the same afternoon I called. The office environment was friendly and inviting. My wait time was minimal and Dr Evans did a great job explaining what he was doing. There was no neck and body twisting and cracking with his Pro-Adjuster machine. I began to feel relief immediately. Dr Evans and staff are legit! Highly recommend.”


“The idea of seeing a chiropractor made me cringe a little as I've heard some terrible stories of the aftermath others have experienced. My job is a very physical one and I needed to take action. I was so nervous to see anybody, but I decided to give Evans family chiropractic a shot, and surprisingly this is a very family/friendly environment. Dr. Evans explained everything that he was doing as we were going along. I can really see the man loves what he does and is all about helping others get back into shape, literally!! I had a couple ribs out of place and my left leg was about an inch and a half shorter than the other. Evans is the only one I've seen and the only one I need to. No price gouging and no BS. This place is amazing. I also had my wife try it out and to her surprise he got her moving again as well. Thank you Dr. Evans!!” 

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